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Security guard services in Brisbane

As one of the most trusted security companies in Brisbane, TAS Security Australia provides professional, experienced, competent guards for the protection of people and/or property for temporary or permanent locations.

The key benefits of TAS security guard services include:

  • Peace of mind that your assets and staff are being continually protected from risks
  • Immediate response to any onsite risk or incident
  • Deterrent to potential intruders and graffiti artists

Our professional staff provide the capability to:

  • Provide First Aid and initial fire fighting functions.
  • Control access to site.
  • Provide employee escorts when required.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your Security Guard service program whether contract or proprietary as effective or efficient as it could be?
  • Are your Security Officers properly screened, trained, supervised and motivated?
  • How can you assure a high level of quality, service and responsiveness from your Security Guard provider?
  • Should you go with a local, regional or national Security Guard firm?
  • Should you go contract or proprietary?
  • Should your security officers be armed?
  • What should you pay for the service?
  • What should the security officers be paid?
  • What should you require of your provider?
  • How can you keep turnover to a minimum?
  • How many security guards do you need?
  • How can you see through security guard companies’ promises?

TAS Security can help you answer these and any other questions you have.

Security Officers, whether contract or proprietary, can be the most costly and problematic part of a security program. They are, after all, the Human Element and the Recurring Expense portion of the program. Security Guards can be the foundation of your security program, or they can be an embarrassment and liability risk. Your security officers can and should be a symbol of service, competency and professionalism in your organisation. All of our Security Guards are employees as they are a valued part of our team.

TAS Security Australia has many years of experience as a leader in the contract security guard industry. We have developed and managed contract, proprietary (in-house) and hybrid security officer systems, thus we can assist you by:

  • Developing Security Officer Programs. Incorporating motivators to assure a consistently high level of service, quality and responsiveness.
  • Developing standards of screening, hiring, training, supervision, pay/benefits, motivation, and management contact/responsiveness.
  • Performing Security Assessments or Surveys to determine your overall security needs. Your security guards should be a part of a strategic and synergistic security system.
  • Assisting you in deciding the best make-up of your Security Officer Program (e.g.whether contract, proprietary or hybrid).
  • Developing Security Guard Post Orders, Patrol/Escort Procedures, Job Descriptions, Scheduling Systems, Incident Reporting Processes/Procedures, Tour Verification, Uniforming, etc.
  • Developing and presenting initial, on-the-job and ongoing Training Programs.
  • Reviewing and auditing security officers for effectiveness and appropriateness.

For an on-site audit into your Security Guard requirements at your home or business call, email or fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

Why Choose Us ?

  • We provide quality service
  • We are competitive
  • We are efficient
  • We comply
  • We train
  • We are accountable

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