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K9 Patrol & Dog Unit Services

TAS Security Dog Units have extensive police and military backgrounds as canine handlers and trainers. They are qualified to national training standards and dogs trained to the exacting standard of the TAS Security in-house certification unit.

This in-house training program ensures all dogs are assessed and certified on at least a quarterly basis with all dogs receiving weekly training to maintain the effectiveness of both the dog and handler. Unlike some competitors our dog handlers are assessed in such disciplines as tracking, building searches, article searches and apprehension/bite work as well as a very high level of on and off lead obedience and control. This ensures that you are receiving the highest standard of professionalism in the security industry.

TAS Dog Units use of general purpose dogs significantly reduces the risk of incident, with trained security dogs providing a very effective deterrent to individuals behaving inappropriately and/or refusing to accept direction from a security officer.

The high levels of training applying to both our dog handlers and their animals allows us to accept those high risk jobs that our competitors refuse, reinforcing our position as market leaders in the provision of quality security services.

Why Choose Us ?

  • We provide quality service
  • We are competitive
  • We are efficient
  • We comply
  • We train
  • We are accountable

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