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Enjoy the peace of mind of a professionally installed alarm system

With the instances of burglary increasing every year in Australia, you can be assured of complete peace of mind with the ultimate deterrent of our high quality alarm systems, whether you need to secure your home or business, TAS Security Australia can meet all your needs with one customised solution.

An important feature of such an alarm system is the siren that emits an 105 decibel warning to the intruder whilst alerting the surrounding area that a crime is in progress. When you are away from your premises, TAS Security alarm systems can be programmed to send a text message directly to your chosen device to alert you of any alarm activation. With an integrated alarm system you can then view your premises remotely via your device or choose to have us do so to determine if the activation requires further attention.


Once TAS Security professionally installs our high-quality alarm systems, individual customers can choose the option of ongoing monitoring for as little as $1.00 a day. When opting for this value added service, your alarm system will be connected to our monitoring station, which receives signals that report the conditions of the area being monitored. We will attend alarm activations on your behalf when required.


Sensors are devices which detect movement and trigger an alarm when activated. TAS Security will supply, then install a full range of sensors including movement, vibration or heat sensors (pet friendly) depending on your requirements.

Alarm Panels

The alarm panel is the brain behind the whole security system. Panels (or controllers) receive information from sensors and process this into a code that alerts the monitoring station about any part of the monitored area where intrusion occurs. There are many modules which can be connected into alarm panels and TAS Security experts can advise you on the best options for your particular requirements.

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