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Advances in CCTV technology have been huge over the past 10 years. This along with the substantial reductions in costs, CCTV is becoming a budget-friendly and essential security measure for any site or residential premises.

A basic CCTV system now comes with 6MP cameras as standard, and the difference in products comes down to the reliability and technology which may be required for your site.

CCTV features

CCTV systems are now capable of more than just providing footage of an event, they can offer many other useful features. These include:

  • virtual line cross detection
  • temperature testing of personnel
  • target tracking
  • people counting
  • license plate recognition and recording.

These features when triggered can send a notification to the end-user or be programmed to send an alarm via an output to trigger additional actions through a third-party device or a monitoring room.

Video management systems

We are also able to offer assistance with Video Management Systems (VMS) which can integrate with other security systems and become your ‘security hub’. With this you’re able to control the full site security and access controls via one management system. Put simply, a VMS will provide an easy and user-friendly platform for viewing and managing your CCTV system.

TAS Security can have one of our security advisors attend your site to review your coverage, storage and integration requirements to deliverer a detailed proposal and quote for your consideration.

What we recommend

AT TAS security we recommend the following CCTV and VMS brands. We can have one of our security advisors attend your site to review your coverage, storage and integration requirements, and provide a detailed proposal and quote. Contact us today for more information.


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