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To ensure you’re getting your moneys worth from your CCTV system there are some basic maintenance steps you should know and follow. These steps will assist in ensuring image clarity, data integrity, and system functionality and security is maintained.

  1. Clean lenses and protective covers – To ensure a clean, clear, crisp image is displayed and recorded, you should ensure your camera lenses are cleaned regularly. Even though they may seem clear during the day, spider webs and dust can reflect the Infra-Red light emitted by your camera, creating light flair, and blurring out the entire image.
  2. Check system time & date – You should regularly check your systems time & date, ensuring accuracy.
  3. Update your system password regularly – Failure to maintain secure passwords is one of the biggest causes of data breaches in the world. It’s recommended passwords for security systems are updated fortnightly.
  4. Hard disk health monitoring – Due to continuous operation, vibration and other factors, hard drives are prone to failure. It is essential these are monitored through the S.M.A.R.T setting and bad sector detection within the programming of your CCTV recorder.
  5. Security system management services – This enables us to monitor the overall health of your system. Things like hard drive failures decreased image quality and image loss will be sent to us via the Hik-Connect Pro application, ensuring a speedy response to the problem eliminating system downtime and the possibility of something going undetected.

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